Reconstructing the Antelope Passenger List

Belfast to Philadelphia, 9 December 1682

Reconstructing the Antelope 1682 - a Genealogy Project by Joe Beine
A passenger list for the voyage of the Antelope from Belfast to Philadelphia in 1682 has not survived. Using various sources (listed at the bottom of the page) this webpage attempts to reconstruct a list of some of the passengers who appear to have traveled on the ship. The Antelope is the only known ship of William Penn's fleet carrying Quakers from the British Isles to his new colony 1681-1683 with an Irish connection.

Alternate spellings of the surnames are given in brackets. Source codes are also in brackets.

Possible Antelope Passenger List
Edward Cook, master from Belfast
Arrived 9 Dec 1682

Ann Milcome [Millcom, Millcum, Mallcum] (widow) of Armagh in Ireland, "with her children Jane Greaves [Greer, Graves], Mary Milcome" [PS]. The Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography [PM9] lists the children as "Jane, Grace and Mary Milcom."

Francis Sanders, servant to Ann Milcome, to serve 4 years "loose the 10th of the 10 Mo 1686" [PS]

James Attkinson, from Canbrazill, County Armagh arrived here "1682 9 10mo." [PS, PM8]

John Ashbrooke, servant to James Attkinson, arrived here "1682 9 10mo." [PS, PM8]

-Other Possible Passengers- [PS]
John Low
Joseph Low
both of Ballyhagen, parish of Kilmore Armagh [IQ]

Archibald Michael [Mickle, Mickell, Mitchell] of Antrim Ireland [IQ], possibly with sister Hannah

-Also Possible- [PS]
Valentine Hollingsworth of Ballenisckcrannel, parish of Sligo, Armagh. With wife Ann, daughter Mary and her husband, Thomas Conway of Lisburn, Antrim; daughter Catherine; probably sons Thomas and Samuel, and an indentured servant, John Musgrave. The Welcome Claimants [WC] discusses this family and comes to the conclusion that they arrived in 1682 but prior to the arrivals of both the Welcome and the Antelope. Harry Hollingsworth in the Hollingsworth Register [HR], however, refutes this and he believes this family did indeed arrive on the Antelope. See: A Case for the Antelope

[HR] Hollingsworth, Harry. The Hollingsworth Register (Inglewood, CA); Volume 24, Number 2, June, 1988; "A Case for the Antelope."

[WC] McCracken, George E. The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful with an Account of Some of their Descendants (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1970); pages 248-250. Uses extensive research to prove or disprove claims made as to who was on the ship Welcome with William Penn.

[IQ] Myers, Albert C. Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750, with Their Early History in Ireland (Swarthmore, PA: The author, 1902); pages 277-278. This book is searchable online (with an Ancestry subscription): Immigration of Irish Quakers to Pennsylvania, 1682-1750

[PM8] The Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1884); Volume 8, pages 328-340; "A partial list of the families who arrived at Philadelphia between 1682 and 1687."

[PM9] The Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1885); Volume 9, page 224. Discusses the Milcom family's arrival on the Antelope: Ann Milcom, children Jane, Grace and Mary Milcom, and servant Francis Sanders.

[PS] Sheppard, Walter Lee. Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1970); pages 61-62. An excellent recource for researching passenger lists of early Pennsylvania arrivals.

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