Ship Katherine (Katharine) Irish Passenger Lists

Ireland to Philadelphia, November 1745 & June 1746

Extracted by Joe Beine

Names of passengers extracted from "Account of Servants Bound & Assigned before James Hamilton, Mayor of Philadelphia" November 1745 (1st group) & June 1746 (2nd group)
from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1907)
Volume 37, Pages 87-95 (November 1745); Pages 463-472 (June 1746)

Katharine Passengers - November 1745 (also spelled Catharine)

James Miller
Matthew McCalley
John Cook
Bryan McGinley
Laughlin O'Stevin
Ezekiel Bullock
Arte McClaskey
Arthur Mclaske
Cormick O'brien

For all passengers: "a servant from Ireland in the ship Katharine," except... "John Cook from Ireland in the ship Katharine in consideration of ten pounds for his passage paid by Thomas Herbert of Phila. indents himself a servant to said Herbert for five years from hence (Nov 5th, 1745), customary dues." More information is given in the original source.

Katherine Passengers - June 1746 (also spelled Catharine)

Patrick Montgomery
Margaret Larkan
Patrick Carlin
Mary O'Mullan
Anne Battle
Charles Murray
James Keavan
Alexander Patterson
Anne McGonogale
Mary McCandles
Lettice Jones
Oliver Jones
Bryan Hammil
John McAlister
John Carrol
Elinor Heley
William Campbell
John Thompson
John McKinley
Hugh Meenagh
Patrick Doran
Moses Fisher
Anne McAfee

For all passengers: "a servant from Ireland in the ship Katherine," except John Carrol, who "in consideration of £14: paid William Crawford for his passage from Ireland in the ship Katherine..." More information is given in the original source.

compiled by Joe Beine

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