Arcenia Baca Salcido

Date of Birth
22 March 1922 Hondo, Lincoln County, NM
Date of Death
9 Feb 2000 Roswell, Chaves County, NM
Rafael Salcido
Catarena Baca


Ignacio Ortiz

Children not listed -- privacy

Sources - Arcenia Baca Salcido

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Social Security Death Index: ARCENIA B ORTIZ, SSN 525-44-7024, Residence: 88201 Roswell, Chaves County, NM, Born 22 Mar 1922, Died 9 Feb 2000, Issued: NM (Before 1951)

Social Security Administration SS-5 Form (Application for Social Security Account Number); 1943; 7 April 1943; Baltimore, MD; NOTES: Arcenia Salcido; address: ?, NM; employer: SP Yates; born: 22 March 1922, Hondo, Lincoln County, NM; parents: Rafael Salcido, Catarena Baca.

OBITUARY: Roswell Daily Record 2/11/2000 (parents, siblings, children)

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