Baca-Rael Diligencias Matrimoniales Record 1778

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Compiled by Joe Beine

This was record extracted from:
New Mexico Roots Ltd by Fray Angelico Chavez (Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1982)
Volume 1, page 163
June 15, 1778 (no. 24) Belen

Note this is a complete extraction of this individual record. A summary can be found in the Belen Genealogy Records Database. This record was included here because of its length and the unusual story. Most of the Roots Ltd DMs are not this long.

Lucas Baca (58), genizaro, widowed of Maria Torres, natural son of Maria, criada of Don Antonio Baca, and Maria Josefa Rael (53), genizara, widow of Miguel Padilla who was killed by Apaches on the way to El Paso del Norte, natural daughter of Juana Antonia Teresa Rael.

Witnesses: Manuel de Arteaga, notary; Juan Jose Toledo (38) who says that a Pascual Vigil told him that Miguel Padilla had been killed by Apaches on the way to El Paso; Pascual Vigil (60), genizaro, who says that about 19 years ago he and two boys were running away to El Paso when they followed some tracks as far as the place called El Aleman, where they saw signs of battle; at El Paso a woman asked him if he had seen or known her husband Miguel, which he had not; when Gov. Don Tomas Velez (Cachupin) was visiting El Paso, he was questioned by said governor and by Alferez Franciso Esquibel as to his having seen any survivors who had failed to reach El Paso; on his return to New Mexico, he learned that the Miguel in question had run away to El Paso before he himself did, along with other genizaros called Vincente Salazar, Marcos, and Antonio, the son of Rafael. Jose Asencio (50) or Jose Atanasio, Apache of Belen, says that many years ago, while he was living in El Paso with Capt. San Juan, a certain Jose el Apache arrived; when this witness asked him about his folks, Jose el Apache told him that they were well, and that they had been dancing for scalps of four genizaros whom they had killed on their way from New Mexico at a spot a little ahead of El Perrillo, below which a lot of hediondilla grows and where there is a cross. Marriage denied because of insufficient evidence.

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