Belen, New Mexico Spanish Colonial Census Records, 1750

Transcribed and Compiled by Joe Beine

Belen is now in Valencia County

Belen Spanish Colonial Census of New Mexico, 1750

These records were transcribed from...
New Mexico Archives: Facsimilies of Manuscripts in the Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico, Mexico, D.F.; Legajo (Volume) 8, 1741-1750, Part 4, Document 81. At the Center for Southwest Studies in the Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Transcribed by Joe Beine, June 2003.

The original records are at the Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico in Mexico City.

The Spanish Colonial Census of 1750 for Belen is included in the Belen Genealogy Database

Items in the database from the census are in this format:
Head of Household : Spouse : Children (and other relatives) : Servants

Diacritical marks were not used in the database.
There are 13 Spanish families and 20 Genizaro families (Indians).

Transcription of the Belen Spanish Colonial Census of New Mexico, 1750

As with any transcription of old records there may errors.

Spanish Families

Family #1
Gabriel Vicente Xiron
wife: Lugarda Zalazar (Salazar)
children: Manuela
Olaya, married to Francisco de la Cerda, with children: Dorotea, Maria
Gertrudis, married to Nicolas Martin

Family #2
Don Diego Vasquez Borrego, widower
children: Francisco, Diego
servant: Antonia

Family #3
Ygnacio Barrera
wife: Michaela Lopez
children: Manuela, single, with children: Joseph, Antonio, Lucia, Pedro, Maria - de pecho (infant)
Maria Luiza

Family #4
Marcial Barrera
wife: Rosa Trugillo
child: Catharina - de pecho (infant)

Family #5
Manuel Barrera
wife: Maria Torres
child: Juan Miguel - de pecho (infant)

Family #6
Ysidro Trugillo
wife: Xaviera Torres
children: Santiago, Juan Miguel - de pecho (infant)
servants: Ysidro, Rosa

Family #7
Pablo Zalazar (Salazar)
wife: Manuela Tafoya
children: Antonia, Buteta, Juan Antonio, Toribeo - de pecho (infant)
sister-in-law: Maria Tafoya
servants: Beatriz with son, Juan Domingo
Ysabel, Mathias

Family #8
Juachin de Luna
wife: Angela Zalazar (Salazar)
children: Miguel, Bernardo, Maria - de pecho (infant)
brother: Phelipe (Felipe) de Luna

Family #9
Diego Torres
wife: Raphaela Baca
children: Cayetano, Juan Domingo, Martin, Nicolas, Bartholome, Manuel, Catharina Romana, Maria, Josepha de la Luz, Lugarda - de pecho (infant)

Family #10
Chrystobal Torres
wife: Juana Benavides
children: Anna Maria, Alexo

Family #11
Petrona Garcia, widow
children: Juan Phelipe, Miguel
servants: Antonia with children: Venancio, Ysidro

Family #12
Juan Baca
wife: Francisca de Jhs? (Jesus?)
servants: Juliana, Phelipe Neri

Family #13
Antonio Zalazar (Salazar)
wife Maria Torres
child: Nicolas
granddaughter: Rita
servants: Maria with child, Santiago
Juana, Joseph, Dorotea, Manuel, Vicente, Juan Antonio
heurf. (orphans): Rosa, Febronia, Juan Antonio

Genizaro Families

Genizaro Family #1
Francisco Roybal
wife: Anna Maria Ulibari

Genizaro Family #2
Lugarda (no surname), widow
children: Maria Antonia, Maria Rosa, Chrystina

Genizaro Family #3
Bentura (no surname)
wife: Rosalia Torres
child: Paula

Genizaro Family #4
Juan Roque Baca
wife: Barbara Valdes
children: Pheliciana, Antonio

Genizaro Family #5
Chrystobal Baca
wife: Getrudis Miranda
children: Maria Rosa, Marcos

Genizaro Family #6
Antonio Padilla
wife: Alberta (no surname)

Genizaro Family #7
Antonio Gonzales
wife: Juana Maria (no surname)
children: Santiago, Juan Miguel, Margarita, Maria de la Luz

Genizaro Family #8
Andres Trugillo
wife: Pasquala (no surname)
daughter: Maria

Genizaro Family #9
Antonio Grole (Gurule), widower
grandchildren: Antonio, Clara, Antonia

Genizaro Family #10
Joseph Manuel (no surname)
wife: Francisca Paez
daughter: Phelipa

Genizaro Family #11
Pedro Gutierrez, widower
children: Antonio, Bartholome, Dimas

Genizaro Family #12
Luiz (no surname)
wife: Rosalia (no surname)
child: Polonia

Genizaro Family #13
Chrystobal Luxan, widower
child: Juan

Genizaro Family #14
Antonio Pacheco
wife: Maria Zapata
children: Rosa, Phelipa

Genizaro Family #15
Pasqual Ulibarri
wife: Margarita Zapata
child: Maria

Genizaro Family #16
Juan Zalazar (Salazar)
wife: Anna Maria Ulibarri
children: Petrona, Maria Romana, Raphael - de pecho (infant)

Genizaro Family #17
Ambrocio (no surname), widower
child: Juan

Genizaro Family #18
Thadio Ortiz
wife: Polonia Baca
children: Barbara, Ysidro, Juan de la Cruz

Genizaro Family #19
Pasqual (no surname), widower
child: Antonio

Genizaro Family #20
Juan Telles
wife: Getrudis (no surname)
nephew: Antonio

A transcription of the entire 1750 Spanish Colonial New Mexico census can be found in the book:
Spanish and Mexican Censuses of New Mexico, 1750-1830 (Amazon link)
Compiled by Virginia Langham Olmsted; Albuquerque, N.M.: New Mexico Genealogical Society, 1981

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