Belen, New Mexico Pre-nuptial Investigations (Durango DMs)

Diligencias Matrimoniales

In addition to the "Roots Ltd" DMs, there were also DMs that required the permission of the Archbishop in Durango. These were kept seperately and they have been transcribed and translated in this 2 volume series of books...

New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations from the Archivos Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango, Volume 1: 1760-1799 and Volume 2: 1800-1893 by Rick Hendricks (editor) and John B. Colligan (compiler)

The Belen Genealogy Database also indexes the names of the prospective brides and grooms from Volume 1 of these books...

Belen, New Mexico Genealogy Records Database

The database entries are arranged in this format: prospective groom, notes : prospective bride, notes : volume & page number, date, location (usually Belen)

For the Durango DMs the Belen database only includes the names of prospective brides and grooms. For names of their parents and more details you will need to consult the books. For information on finding the books online see: New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations (Diligencias Matrimoniales)

As with any transcription of old records there may errors.

For information on the Roots Ltd DMs (also in this database) see...Belen Diligencias Matrimoniales - Roots Ltd

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