Passenger Ships from Ireland to America 1732-1749

List of Ships from Irish Ports Known or Thought to Have Passengers

compiled by Joe Beine

Please note: this is a partial list. Sources are listed at the bottom of the page.

Dates are sometimes approximate - they may be dates of arrival or departure; if a departure date is known it is given under the name of the departure port. Every effort was made to accurately compile this listing, but errors may have been made. There also may be errors in the sources. See the link at the bottom of this webpage for additional disclaimers.

DateShip NameDeparture PortArrival PortNotes/Sources
1729-1735Isaac of BelfastBelfastSouth Carlina & BarbadosSI
October 1732Happy ReturnBelfastCharlestonSI
1735Elizabeth & CatherineBelfastNew YorkSI
1735George of DublinDublinNorth CarolinaSI
December 1735NancyDublinCharlestonSI
February 1736BruceDublin?AmericaSI/EI says 3 Feb 1735-6
February 1736UnionDublin?AmericaSI/EI says 4 Feb 1735
May 1736OrangeDublinAmericaSI
May 1736Dublin MerchantDublinAmericaSI
May 1736WalpoleDublinAmericaSI
June 1736Prudent HannahIrelandBoston bound for PhiladelphiaSI
November 1736Two MolliesIrelandBostonSI
November 1736HannahIrelandBostonSI
December 1736Virgin QueenDublinAmericaSI
January 1737John & EdmondBelfastCharlestonSI
23 May 1737Dublin MerchantIrelandAmericaEI
24 June 1737CatherineIrelandBostonSI
July 1737DublinDublinAmericaSI
September 1737SagamoreIrelandBostonSI
September 1737ElizabethIrelandBostonSI
November 1737Charming MollyIrelandBostonSI - 162 passengers
May 1738Cockermouth of WhitehavenDublinVA, MD or PASI - Embarked at Dublin via Loughswilly, County Donegal
29 August 1738ApplebyDublinVirginiaEI page 91
December 1738EagleIrelandBostonSI
1739William & MaryBelfastPennsylvaniaSI
1739WilliamLondonderryNew YorkSI
24 January 1739Antigua PacketDublinAmericaSI/EI
24 March 1739Flower de LuceDublinAmericaSI/EI
18 April 1739Rachael of SaltcoatsDublinAmericaSI/EI
May 1739BarwickIrelandBostonSI
26 June 1739CarthagenaDublinAmericaSI/EI
July 1739William & JamesBelfastthe CarolinasSI
August 1739St Andrew of MarylandDublinAmericaSI
September 1739SouthwellDublin
May 1739
March 1740HiberniaDublinMarylandPM & EI page 91
6 May 1740Bachelor of DublinDublinAmericaSI/EI
14 July 1740Three FriendsDublinAmericaSI/EI
5 September 1740BaltimoreDublinAmericaSI/EI
December 1740Diana of DublinDublinPhiladelphiaSI
1741WilliamBelfastNew YorkSI
8 February 1741William of Rhode IslandDublinAmericaSI/EI
29 June 1741Two FriendsDublinAmericaSI/EI
29 July 1741Two Friends of DublinDublinAmericaSI/EI
July 1741BenguinCorkPhiladelphiaSI
11 August 1741St AudoneDublinAmericaSI/EI
31 October 1741SeaflowerBelfast
10 July 1741
BostonSI - bound for Philadelphia - arrived in Boston 31 October 1741; the Capt. & 41 passengers (of 106) died
22 March 1742WhitehavenDublinAmericaSI/EI
29 September 1742Molly of WhitehavenDublinAmericaSI/EI
5 November 1742Sentry Of DublinDublin
26 August 1742
Port Annapolis, MarylandEI - passenger list on pages 92-93 (also listed in SI)
21 April 1743George of DublinDbulinAmericaSI/EI
18 June 1743Richard of DublinDublinAmericaSI/EI
August 1743SarahDublinDelaware BaySI
September 1743RevolutionDulbinDelaware BaySI
9 November 1743Charming PeggyIrelandAmericaEI (SI has 2 listings for the Charming Peggy - Nov 1742 & Oct 1743)
26 March 1744CarolinaBelfastCharlestonSI
4 February 1745DraperDublinCharlestonSI - 150 indentured servants
October 1745Couli KanIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
October 1745Happy ReturnIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
October 1745WoodstockIrelandPhiladelphiaPM - 2 known passengers: John Steen & Barnard Kerr
October 1745GeorgeDublinPhiladelphiaPM
November 1745MarthaIrelandPhiladelphiaPM?
November 1745KatharineIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
December 1745City of CorkIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
11 April 1746 (or 1747)EuryalDublin
25 February
PhiladelphiaPM V26
17 April 1746Good HopeDublinCharleston (SC)SI
April 1746Dublin's PrizeIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
May 1746Couli KanIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
May 1746EmisleIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
May 1746MarthaIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
May 1746Happy ReturnIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
1 May 1746Gordon of GlasgowDublinVirginia (intended)SI - passengers mutinied & took the ship to Scotland where it was seized by the Royal Navy
June 1746KatherineIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
June 1746DelawareIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
June 1746WilliamIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
July 1746BelindaIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
August 1746ChesterIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
August 1746GriffinIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
August 1746GeorgeDublinPhiladelphiaPM
September 1746RebeccaIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
September 1746NancyIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
September 1746SallyIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
September 1746William & MaryBelfast & Larne
June 1746
PhiladelphiaPM - Known passengers: Elinor Murphy, Patrick A. Demsey, James Woodside, Manuel Pereira, Arthur McNeal, James Corry
September 1746JohnIrelandPhiladelphiaPM
October 1746PomonaIrelandPhiladelphiaPM - 2 known passengers: Abigail Edwards & Fardy Gallaugher
October 1746RundellIrelandPhiladelphiaPM - 1 known passenger: Martha Hamilton

(SI) Dobson, David; Ships from Ireland to Early America, 1623-1850 (Baltimore, MD: Printed for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1999). Lists ships alphabetically by name of ship (no passengers), 4 volumes.

(PM) The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania); For the ships marked "PM" above many of the passengers names can be found in various volumes of this publication. Look in the index for the specific ship name.

(EI) McDonnell, Frances; Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735-1743: A Transcription of the Report of the Irish House of Commons into Enforced Emigration to America (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1992). Indexes about 2000 names of felons and vagabonds, some with the names of the ships they traveled on.

compiled by Joe Beine, March 2004; may not be reproduced without permission

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